Friday, October 17, 2014

aku tak tau sama ada apa yg aku lakukan ni betul atau tak….patut atau tak…aku tau & aku sedar ape yg dia lakukan kali ni beyond melampau..sgt2 melampau..aku sepatutnya dah mmg btl2 bencikan 1 point aku rse sgt2 benci ape yg die dah buat pd aku, aku rse aku harus jauhkan dri aku dr die….hati aku meronta2 nak pergi dr idup die, believe me…I really wish I semakin aku rse nekad nak pegi..semakin aku rse kehilangan die..& its killing me..kmi begitu hampir utk akhiri hbngn ni..sgt2 hampir. I knw this is the perfect time for me to end all this. she hurts me so bad. real bad. I knw, not a single friend of mine who loves & care for me would agree to what she had done to me. they saw how devastated my condition is. But I just cant live without her.i need her to make me happy. a good friend of mine once told me, I had to walk away from her & do whatever it takes to make me happy. but how am I suppose to be happy without her, when she is my happiness? even there’s a price I had to pay for my happiness, I just don’t care. I knw I jeopardise my future by giving her another chance, by believing in all her lies. There is a 70% of chances that she might hurt me the same way again in the future, I do realize that.. I don’t knw why I love her this much when all the people around me can see that she’s not worth it.